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Continuing the Dialogue on Reconciliation

Thank You Winnipeg On April 27th, we welcomed 345 folks to Local to Global 2016 with Ellen Gabriel. Ellen Gabriel spoke passionately about how important it is for women to be part of the decision making, at the community and national level. The effects that continue to this day of the Residential Schools. And especially how colonialism and attitude have affected First Nations and that this is no longer acceptable. The early history of what women have contributed was acknowledged. It was a magical night, with performances by Mary Black and Dawn Lavand. Tina Keeper was welcoming and said exactly the right thing at the right time. The Seven Sisters Drumming closed the evening with beautiful music. If you weren't able to attend, check out our YouTube video of Ellen's speech! Thanks to all of our generous donors and supporters, we were able to raise close to $20,000! (Total figure to be finalized in the coming weeks.) These proceeds will be used to support women’s human rights, locally and globally at three charitable organizations:

  1. MATCH International Women’s Fund For projects led by Indigenous women

  2. Mohawk Language Custodian Association For the teaching and preservation of the Mohawk language

  3. Global Citizenship Scholarship Fund For students studying and working for international women’s rights at the University of Winnipeg, Global College. Ellen made several resource recommendations throughout her speech. We marked these down, added her interviews as well as a few other pertinent resources on reconciliation to bring you the following list!

Reconciliation Resources

  1. Interview with Cheryl MacKenzie (APTN) on April 27th, 2016 edition of APTN InFocus Ellen Gabriel’s segment begins at the 13:47 minute mark:

  2. Part of Ellen’s presentation from April 27th, shown on May 4, 2016 edition of APTN InFocus Ellen Gabriel’s segment begins at the 18:00 minute mark

  3. Interview and blog with Rosanna Deerchild, CBC. “Reconciliation Can Not Happen Without Gender Equality”.

  4. The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers – Justice Murray Sinclair was recently appointed to Canada’s Senate.  A conversation between Sinclair and Shelagh Rogers is the concluding piece in a new book entitled In This Together: Fifteen Stories of Truth and Reconciliation. We hear part of that conversation this week on The Next Chapter.

Ellen Gabriel-Approved Literature

At the Woods' Edge

Sex and World Peace

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