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We asked the mayoral candidates your human rights questions

Earlier this month our team reached out on our social channels to find out what human rights questions you'd want to ask Winnipeg's next mayor.

We received a lot of great suggestions, and as we sorted through them 3 main themes began to appear: reconciliation, the treatment of Winnipeg's marginalized communities, and the police budget.

We narrowed it down to one question on each of these topics and met with each candidate to get their replies:

Question #1: "Which of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action are you committed to furthering as mayor? Name one and be specific."

Question #2: "What concrete steps will you take to help the most marginalized people in Winnipeg?"

Question #3: "What is your opinion on the current police budget? What, if anything, would you change?"

Thank you to all the candidates for taking the time to speak with us:

  1. Robert-Falcon Oulette

  2. Jenny Motkaluk

  3. Scott Gillingham

  4. Chris Clacio

  5. Don Woodstock

  6. Rana Bokhari

  7. Rick Shone

  8. Idris Adelakun

  9. Shaun Loney

  10. Glen Murray

  11. Kevin Klein

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