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Winnipeg Human Rights News: September 10th-16th

In this week's news, Winnipeggers eat in the dark, Wab is elected NDP leader, Steve Kirby allegations come to light, health-care premiums are considered, and more.

Missing Persons AlertScott Hadath

Poverty & Community Outreach

  1. Dinner in the dark: Winnipeggers to dine blindfolded: CBC

  2. Winnipegger honored for sharing history with newcomersWinnipeg Free Press

  3. United Way takes off on $20.5-M campaign run: Winnipeg Free Press

  4. Median incomes up in Manitoba, but percentage living in poverty unchanged: Winnipeg Free Press

  5. 'Turning grief into compassion': Winnipeg woman who lost partner in 9/11 quietly marks anniversary: Winnipeg Free Press

Gender & Sexuality

  1. Good news for 1 member of unofficial 'Ghanaian pavilion': his home is now CanadaCBC

Steve Kirby Sexual Harassment Allegations

  1. Berklee College puts Steve Kirby on leave after allegations of sexual harassment at U of Manitoba: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  2. Female students allege sexual misconduct against former U of Manitoba jazz prof Steve Kirby: CBC

  3. U of M should be investigatedWinnipeg Free Press

  4. U of Manitoba was warned about former jazz prof's behaviour years before he left: CBC

  5. Jazz prof who left U of M amid concerns that were 'sexual in nature' hired by renowned U.S. school: Winnipeg Free Press

  6. Complaints require confidentiality: U of M president: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. U of Manitoba seeks feedback on sexual harassment policy: CBC

Refugees & Race

  1. Syrian family struggling to reconcile good fortune in Winnipeg with barrage of bad news from home: CBC

  2. Province on board with federal strategy to slow flow of asylum seekers: Winnipeg Free Press

  3. Canada urged to help Muslims in Myanmar: Winnipeg Free Press

  4. Refugees despondent English classes cancelled without noticeWinnipeg Free Press


  1. Soil testing underway for 100 properties in St. Boniface amid contamination concernsCBC

  2. No need to tranquilize moose near Investors Group Field, says wildlife biologist:CBC

  3. Winnipeg judge orders Parker Lands protesters to go home: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  4. Protesters quietly leave Parker landsWinnipeg Free Press

  5. Study finds Manitoba lakes among most susceptible to algal bloomsCBC

  6. Hydro wants 7.9% annual rate hike to continue to 2024: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  7. Leading the chargeWinnipeg Free Press

Hurricane Irma

  1. Winnipeggers rally to help family members in Cuba devastated by Irma: CBC

  2. 'The most scared I've been': Winnipegger in Florida flees Hurricane Irma: CBC

  3. Hurricane Irma worries for Winnipeggers with connections to areas affectedCBC

  4. Former Winnipeggers describe harrowing experience during Hurricane Irma: Winnipeg Free Press

Manitoba Wildfires

  1. Evacuated St. Theresa Point residents happy to be heading homeCBCAPTN News

  2. Wasagamack First Nation evacuation ends as people prepare to return: CBC

  3. Garden Hill evacuees returning homeWinnipeg Free Press

  4. Manitoba wildfire evacuees given all-clear to head home: Winnipeg Free Press


  1. Majority of Manitobans support national school food program: poll: CBC

  2. More than 100 health-care aide positions will be cut as part of WRHA changes, union says: CBC

  3. WRHA altering 700 support jobsWinnipeg Free Press

  4. Winnipeg girl 1st Manitoban to be diagnosed with rare genetic disorderCBC

  5. Jimmy Carter recounts Canadian hospital experience in support of single-payer health systemCBC

  6. Health tax proposal unpopular with rural Manitobans facing EMS changes, councillor says: CBC

  7. Opioid poisoning puts Manitobans in hospital at a rate of 1 every 2 or 3 days, report says: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  8. Winnipeg health explores safe consumption sites, but no plans yet: Winnipeg Free Press

Health-Care Premiums

  1. Pallister won't commit to doing what health-tax survey says: CBC

  2. Health-care premiums are about taxation, not health care, policy expert says:CBC

  3. Health premiums: 4 things to knowCBC

  4. Manitobans must pay health premiums or face cuts to services: premier: CBC

  5. Pallister government considering health care premiumsWinnipeg Free Press


  1. With fewer fluent speakers, demand for teachers of Indigenous languages is on the rise: CBC

  2. Mayor wants Senator Lynn Beyak to resign over 'incredibly ignorant' commentsCBCWinnipeg Free PressAPTN News

  3. Winnipeg FemFest brings story of two Mohawk cousins to the stage: APTN News (Video)


  1. Winnipeg School Division looks at fast-tracking 'empty-seat policy': CBC

  2. Mom wants emergency EpiPen cabinet in daughter's school: CBC

  3. 23-year-old shot dead by Winnipeg police: CBC

  4. Injury to suspect's wrist self-inflicted, not caused by police officer, IIU determines: Winnipeg Free Press

  5. 13 Manitobans could have obtained phoney degrees, according to CBC investigation: CBC

In the Courts

  1. Accused Winnipeg letter bomber fights DNA warrant ahead of trial start: CBC

  2. Winnipeg man pleads not guilty to letter-bomb charges, fights DNA evidence: Winnipeg Free Press

  3. Accused mail bomber 'a hundred per cent not guilty,' lawyer tells courtWinnipeg Free Press

  4. Winnipeg magician, educator to be sentenced on child-porn charges Oct. 4: CBC

  5. Nurse acquitted of sex assault, but still suspended: Winnipeg Free Press

  6. Derksen family awaits judge's decision in daughter's murder trial three decades after her death: Winnipeg Free Press



  1. Winnipeg city hall told of cost overrun — at city hall: CBC

  2. City on hook for $600,000 in snow-clearing damage: Winnipeg Free Press

  3. Union says Peggo cards costing city thousands daily: Winnipeg Free Press


  1. New law lets agencies working with at-risk kids share information more effectively, province says: CBC

  2. 'No room for a learning curve': Steve Ashton makes the case for why, finally, he should lead the NDP: CBC

  3. Pallister says he's trying to get KPMG audit released: CBC

  4. Manitoba asks Ottawa for clarity on pot legalizationWinnipeg Free Press

  5. NDP leadership options have some party members feeling tentative: Winnipeg Free Press

  6. Woman at centre of Wab Kinew domestic assault allegations says she was thrown: CBCWinnipeg Free PressAPTN News

  7. A leadership victory may not end questions about Kinew's past: CBC

  8. 'I can't accept responsibility for things I did not do': Kinew: CBC

  9. Despite assault allegation Wab Kinew still NDP frontrunner: analyst: APTN News

  10. Manitoba's NDP chooses Wab Kinew as new leader: CBCAPTN NewsWinnipeg Free PressWinnipeg Free Press

  11. Wab Kinew discusses what's next after NDP leadership win: Winnipeg Free Press

  12. Manitoba Tories launch attack site against Wab Kinew: CBC

  13. Family of Kinew's accuser wants their story heardWinnipeg Free Press


  1. Feds working 'very hard' to restore Churchill rail line before freeze-up: Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Bureaucrats stand in way of restoring Churchill line: Axworthy: Winnipeg Free Press 

  3. Hudson Bay railway enters last-minute talks after rumours of bureaucratic drag: Winnipeg Free Press

Disability & Accessibility

  1. Improving accessibilityWinnipeg Free Press

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