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Winnipeg Human Rights News: March 5th-11th

Lots of awards were given out over the past week! Also included in this week’s headlines: the Winnipeg Police Services visit hotels surrounding the airport to raise awareness about the sex trade, many asylum seekers entering into Canada had cases denied in the US, and young local Indigenous female leaders represent MB ridings in Ottawa!

Missing Persons AlertUPDATE: Natasha Shorting has been safely located. Christine Wood

Poverty & Community Outreach

  1. Main Street Project patrol van will keep rolling thanks to funding boost: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Manitoba to reform child-care system, spend $6.2M to add more space: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  3. Canada 150 celebrations to shave a sliver off Winnipeg's spending plans: CBC

  4. Social worker regulatory college heard 9 complaints in 1st year: CBC

  5. Torchbearers wanted for 2017 Canada Summer GamesWinnipeg Free Press

  6. Spirit of Winnipeg winners named: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. Siloam changes position on historical designationWinnipeg Free Press

  8. U of M honouring six distinguished gradsWinnipeg Free Press

  9. Minister says game over for schools' gym, field: Winnipeg Free Press

  10. 56 hours in SUV and desperate for help: Winnipeg Free Press

  11. Migrant worker doc premières tonightWinnipeg Free Press

Gender & Sexuality

  1. Police visit airport-area hotels to raise awareness of sex trade: CBC

  2. Finding Her Home: Homeless women in Winnipeg need more gender-specific services, think tank says: CBC

  3. StatsCan on gender pay gap: Women earn 87¢ to men's $1: CBC

  4. A drunk clearly cannot consent: CBC

  5. Asylum seekers taking advantage of Canadian generosity, MP Ted Falk says: CBC

Refugees & Race

  1. Canada Border Services Agency detaining 8 people in Manitoba jails: CBC

  2. Through their eyes: Winnipeg's Sarasvati theatre explores the stories of newcomer women: CBC

  3. Yazidi refugee from Syria uses art to find peace in Winnipeg: CBC

  4. Pallister repeats call for federal refugee support money: Winnipeg Free Press, CBC

  5. Trades program for newcomers could help patch gaps in skilled labour workforce: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  6. Pregnant woman, toddler among 19 asylum seekers rescued after crossing border in storm: CBC

  7. Beds filled up at Salvation Army as surge of asylum seekers cross into Manitoba: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  8. Charity struggles to keep up with demand to furnish refugees' homes: CBC

  9. 'It's definitely the fact that I'm a Muslim': Winnipeg rally organizer harassed on social media: CBC

  10. Jungles, camps and detention: the long journey for many asylum-seekers: CBC

  11. Conversations on Islam: Talks at University of Winnipeg to spread knowledge, banish myths: CBC

  12. Cabinet to map out scenarios for dealing with border-crossers: CBC

  13. A run for the borderWinnipeg Free Press

  14. Migrants nearly lost in perilous blizzard conditions: Winnipeg Free Press

  15. Community blankets newcomers with love: Winnipeg Free Press

  16. Cabinet set to map out scenarios for dealing with illegal border-crossers: Winnipeg Free Press

  17. Many asylum seekers coming to Canada had U.S. cases deniedWinnipeg Free Press

  18. Background checks, paperwork follow cross-border journey: Winnipeg Free Press

  19. MP to feds: clarify position on asylum seekers: Winnipeg Free Press


  1. Premier hopes new Efficiency Manitoba Crown corporation will boost energy savings: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Future is bright for solar, alternative energy markets in Manitoba: Winnipeg Free Press

  3. They're here for the greenWinnipeg Free Press


  1. Unless you've gone yourself, residential schools should remain indefensible: CBC

  2. New school for flooded-out First Nation 2 years away: CBC

  3. Senator's residential school comment 'hurts the integrity of the Canadian system,' survivor says: CBC

  4. MMIW coalition says national inquiry keeping families in the dark: CBC

  5. 'It just makes sense': Manitoba First Nation could be latest to take control of reserve lands: CBC

  6. Indian and Métis Friendship Centre's provincial membershipand fundingterminated: CBC

  7. 'We owe this to ourselves': Teachers learn how to talk residential schools at Winnipeg workshop: CBC

  8. Tina Keeper named ACTRA's Woman of the Year: CBC

  9. Sandy Bay First Nation sues province, feds over 2011 flood they call a 'man-made disaster': CBC

  10. 60s Scoop survivor reconnects with Indigenous culture after 5 decades away: CBC

  11. From coast to coast and north to south, Indigenous women are on the rise: CBC

  12. Young Indigenous female leaders from Manitoba represent ridings at Ottawa event: CBC

  13. Doubt remains in federal government's 5-year timeline to bring safe water to First Nations communities: CBC

  14. Winnipeg Friendship board resigns, money to start flowing back to the community: APTN News

  15. Validity of land treaties questioned, but remain important: Sinclair to First Nations: Winnipeg Free Press

  16. Coalition raises concerns over long-awaited MMIW inquiryWinnipeg Free Press


  1. 'I'm going to kill you': Winnipeg bus driver punched, another threatened Friday night: CBC

  2. Safety concerns spur Winnipeg bus drivers to consider quitting, retiring: union: CBC

  3. Child welfare hearings must come sooner when kids seized: Manitoba court ruling: CBC

  4. Winnipeg woman captures apparent road-rage incident on camera: CBC

  5. Manitoba judge overturns precedent-setting decision on traffic ticket delays: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  6. Community club members feel vindicated after former treasurer pleads guilty to stealing $292K: CBC

  7. Sandy Bay First Nation robbery making the rounds on social media: APTN News

  8. 'There are things we can do right now:' Transit union can't wait for city safety report: Winnipeg Free Press

  9. Police ask for help after man found dead near community centre: Winnipeg Free Press

  10. 'Never wavered' on rape claim: Crown: Winnipeg Free Press

  11. Man says giving woman fake drugs led to rape claim: Winnipeg Free Press

  12. Revenge or rape? Jury will decide: Winnipeg Free Press

  13. Sex abuse survivor awarded $100KWinnipeg Free Press


  1. Kelvin gym project axed by province after school raised more than $1M: CBC

  2. School taxes up across the board in Winnipeg: CBC

  3. Activist first to run for NDP leader, calls party 'unrecognizable': Winnipeg Free Press

  4. Senate won't reimburse former senator's legal feesWinnipeg Free Press, CBC

  5. New governance model for Crowns to deter political interferenceWinnipeg Free Press

  6. Ashton running as the anti-Leitch: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. City hired consultant under ethics review, Wyatt complains: Winnipeg Free Press

  8. Province murky when it comes to transparencyWinnipeg Free Press


  1. Manitoba sole holdout after 3 provinces strike health-care deals: CBC

  2. 'Do you think I have a chance?' ask other Manitobans with hefty U.S. hospital bills: CBC

  3. Sprague man relieved after province says it will cover bulk of U.S. medical bill: CBC

  4. Abortion pill available at HSC in Winnipeg — but patients will pay: CBC

  5. Quadriplegic Manitoba politician wants presumed consent for organ donation: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  6. The truth about crystal meth in Winnipeg: 'It's just everywhere': CBC

  7. Health just one area where Pallister must bargain hard: Winnipeg Free Press

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