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Winnipeg Human Rights News: January 2nd-8th, 2017

In this week’s headlines, an ambulance is transformed into a mobile shelter for people experiencing homelessness, the impacts of Manitoba's outdated surrogacy laws are examined, Siloam Mission introduces its new CEO, and more.

Missing Person AlertShareen Traverse 

Poverty & Community Outreach

  1. Salvation Army converts an ambulance into a new mobile shelter: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Winnipeg Foundation biggest year ever: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press 

  3. Income assistance rally calls on the province to boost employment and income assistance rates: CBC

  4. Meet Siloam Mission’s new CEO! CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  5. Winnipeggers conducted never-ending search for missing individuals in 2016: CBC

  6. Winnipeg’s inner city a model of reconciliation: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. Together, society can tackle the forces of division: Winnipeg Free Press

  8. Order of Manitoba nominations close Jan. 31st!: Winnipeg Free Press

  9. Child safety cases a top priority: Winnipeg Free Press

Refugees & Race

  1. Refugees were frostbitten after walking to Manitoba border: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Asylum seekers entering Canada illegally at Emerson border: CBC

  3. Syrian refugees help fellow newcomers: Winnipeg Free Press 


  1. Bear Clan Patrol continues to sweep the nation!: CBC

  2. Native Women’s Association of Canada criticizes the MMIW inquiry: CBC

  3. First Nations Chiefs Take Legal Action Over Pipeline Replacement: Winnipeg Free Press

  4. Feds accused of failing to push reconciliation: Winnipeg Free Press

  5. Inquiry wants help from family and friends of missing and murdered indigenous women: Winnipeg Free Press

  6. Giving a voice to Manitoba’s first nations: Winnipeg Free Press

Other News

  1. Manitoba’s outdated surrogacy laws give the rights to the surrogate and not the biological parents: CBC

  2. A hate crime aimed at a Jewish woman occurred in Wolseley last weekend: Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Free Press

  3. Manitoba listed as most optimistic province for 2017: Winnipeg Free Press

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