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Winnipeg Human Rights News: January 22nd-28th, 2017

In this week’s headlines, an LGBT centre receives a spike in refugee calls, the night hunting debate continues, a new recycling depot opens, Prime Minister Trudeau comes to Winnipeg, and more!

Missing Persons AlertUPDATE: Jade Brown has been found. Evan Brightnose-Baker

Poverty & Community Outreach

  1. Solidarity, not charity: 'Bannock Lady' of Winnipeg celebrates 4 years: CBC

  2. Manitoba civil servant awarded top honour: Winnipeg Free Press

  3. A good first impression and a second chanceWinnipeg Free Press

Gender & Sexuality

  1. Women's March about the future, our children: Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Women's advisory council overhauled: Winnipeg Free Press

  3. Male MP named secretary to minister of status of women: Winnipeg Free Press

Refugees & Race

  1. Winnipeg LGBT centre puts out call for help after spike in refugee calls:  CBC

  2. Iranian Winnipeggers turned away from flight to U.S. for academic conference: CBC

  3. Prime Minister's Office allays fears saying Canadian dual citizens not affected by U.S. travel ban: CBC

  4. Advocates urge protection for refugees who enter Canada via the U.S.: CBC

  5. Passengers, students, Oscar nominees among those left in limbo by Trump travel ban: CBC

  6. Amid confusion, government clears up how widescale U.S. travel ban affects Canadians: Winnipeg Free Press


  1. New bid for Manitoba-Ontario UNESCO boreal forest deal: CBC

  2. PETA protests A Dog's Purpose opening day in Winnipeg: CBC

  3. Canine controversy could ripple into Manitoba's film industry, A Dog's Purpose producer says: CBC

  4. Dog's Purpose producer says video 'misleading': Winnipeg Free Press

  5. Both points of view at controversial debut: Winnipeg Free Press

  6. NEB to restart Energy East pipeline approval process: CBC

  7. Winnipeg opens 2nd 4R recyling depot: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  8. Amber Trails School's garden growing into state-of-the-art $6-million outdoor classroom: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  9. Natural gas prices to rise in Manitoba: CBCWinnipeg Free Press


  1. Senator tells First Nations students in Thunder Bay to know their rights: APTN

  2. Take my class, Indigenous studies prof tells Manitoba premier after 'racist' comments: CBC

  3. '9 years is a very long time to wait': Claudette Osborne's mother pleads for information at vigil: CBC

  4. Forgotten: Exhibit on Métis experience of residential schools important recognition, survivor says: CBC

  5. RCMP change investigative approach to MMIW cases: CBC

  6. Flood evacuees can go forward with class-action suit against province, federal AG, court says: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  7. What's in a name? A people's historyWinnipeg Free Press

The Night Hunting Debate

  1. 'You are taking the food from my fridge': Indigenous hunter shoots down regulating night hunting: CBC

  2. Night hunting debate delivers Manitoba reeves to minister's door: CBC

  3. What's missing from Manitoba's night hunting debate is evidence: CBC

  4. 'That's pretty much racism': Opposition slams Pallister's latest comments on night hunting: Winnipeg Free Press

  5. Rural councillors urge province to ban night huntingWinnipeg Free Press


  1. IIU has closed 44 cases since launch 18 months ago: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Innovative Man. remand program could decrease overcrowding in Sask. jails: CBC

  3. Police turn up heat on fentanyl suppliers by boosting cash rewards for tips: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  4. Former Winnipeg CAO got $200K 'secret commission' for helping contractor, RCMP alleged: CBC

  5. Two Winnipeg businessmen going to prison for tax evasion: CBC

  6. Donald Trump Jr. TV show profiled Winnipeg businessman charged with tax evasion: CBC

  7. Arson call leads police to stumble upon charred construction documents in Caspian warehouse: CBCWinnipeg Free PressWinnipeg Free Press

  8. 91 former Winnipeg renters entitled to forgotten money: are you among them?: CBC

  9. 'Tragic' that sex assault case file lost twice, then thrown out due to court delays: counsellor: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  10. 'Unreasonable delay' in sex-assault case sums up 20-year ordeal for accuser: Winnipeg Free Press

  11. Justice system needs overhaul or more cases will be thrown out: former Manitoba deputy AG: CBC

  12. Defence lawyers want public inquiry into dead police officer's actions: CBC

  13. Man gets life after judge doesn't stay his case: Winnipeg Free Press

  14. Raymond Cormier has new lawyer for complaint against police: Winnipeg Free Press

The Candace Derksen Case

  1. Man accused of killing Candace Derksen has long history of victimizing girls: CBC

  2. Accused Derksen killer 'always on the run' court hears: Winnipeg Free Press, CBC

  3. Inaccuracy in DNA report called out at Candace Derksen murder retrial: CBC

  4. Scientist spoke about 'solving' Candace Derksen cold case before accused went to trial, defence lawyer says: CBC

  5. Autopsy, hairs, DNA dominate testimony at Candace Derksen murder retrial: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  6. DNA analyst grilled by defence in Derksen trial: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. Cold-case investigator's decisions in Derksen case under the microscope: Winnipeg Free Press


  1. Doctor fired from St. B. says he was sacked for speaking out: Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Conflict rules easily exploitedWinnipeg Free Press

  3. RCMP police HQ investigation doesn't preclude a public inquiry into Winnipeg scandals: CBC

  4. Bowman will ask province for public inquiry into police HQ 'secret commission' allegations: CBC

  5. Pallister shows 'profound betrayal' of transparency by withholding document, NDP says: CBC

  6. Manitoba government vows to slash red tape: CBC

  7. Help for former kids in Manitoba care should be expanded to age 25: advocate: CBCWinnipeg Free PressWinnipeg Free Press

  8. Winnipeg cabbies have the right to ask for money upfront says taxi board: APTN

Justin Trudeau's Trip to Winnipeg

  1. Trudeau got an earful during town hall tour: Here are the top concerns: CBC

  2. Indigenous elder steps in to end tense moment between Trudeau and pipeline protester: CBC

  3. First Nations elder explains why he interjected on Trudeau's behalf at Winnipeg town hall: CBC

  4. Justin Trudeau gets a grilling from Winnipeg elementary students: CBC

  5. 'Why did your dad give everyone in western Canada the middle finger?' student asks Trudeau: Winnipeg Free Press

  6. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces tough questions in Winnipeg: APTN

  7. Justin Trudeau deals with protesters during Town Hall: Winnipeg Free Press


  1. Border-town Manitobans balk at suggestion they should buy extra health insurance: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Manitobans with big U.S. medical bills want action from health minister: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  3. Manitoba man stuck with $118K in medical bills after emergency treatment in U.S.:CBC

  4. Southwestern Manitoba health authority giving naloxone in free take-home kits: CBC

  5. Nursing students say new entry exam is failing them; only 27 percent of Francophone students pass: CBC

  6. Manitoba launches ad campaign critical of federal health plan: CBC

  7. Medically assisted deaths could save millions in health care spending: Report: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  8. Dragon boats keep survivors strong: Winnipeg Free Press

  9. Trudeau won't talk deadline for Manitoba to sign health-care accord: Winnipeg Free Press

  10. Holdout provinces losing leverage on federal health deal: Winnipeg Free Press

  11. Health minister orders review of U.S.-border medical agreementWinnipeg Free Press

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