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Winnipeg Human Rights News: February 12th-18th

This week' s news focused heavily on the tragic murder of Winnipeg transit driver Irvine Fraser, as well as the influx of refugees crossing the US-Canada border at Emerson.

Missing Persons AlertChristine Wood

Poverty & Community Outreach

  1. Hockey passion leads to new purpose for soldier with PTSD: CBC

  2. Katherena Vermette on capturing the brutality and beauty of Winnipeg's North End:CBC

  3. When war came to Winnipeg: Winnipeg Free Press

  4. All dressed up and ready to graduateWinnipeg Free Press

Gender & Sexuality

  1. Save the date: Steinbach Pride posts invite for 2017 parade, reminder for local politicians: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

Refugees & Race

  1. 'It really disturbed me,' says Wolseley resident after hate crime targets neighbourhood: CBC

  2. Refugee board expands as claimants spike: Winnipeg Free Press

  3.  Refugee claims at Canada-U.S. border have doubled over past 2 years: CBC

  4. U.S.-Canada pact could split kids from families fleeing to Canada: refugee group:CBC

  5.  Winnipeg charities appeal for financial help to support refugees: CBC

  6. Premier dials up Ottawa on refugee influx: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. Premier says Manitoba will 'absolutely' help refugees: CBC

  8. Desperation Trumps Danger: Winnipeg Free Press

  9.  'Don't put your life at risk,' U.S. Somali leaders warn asylum seekers: CBC

  10. College of Family Physicians calls for review of Safe Third Country Agreement: CBC

  11. Grocery guide shows newcomers where to get a taste of home: CBC

  12. Newcomer centre has no more room for border-crossing refugees: CBC

  13. Salvation Army centre offers 30 beds for refugee claimants coming to Manitoba: CBC

Emerson Border Crossing

  1. Asylum seekers keep first responders busy in Emerson: Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Minneapolis woman shocked friend walked to Canada: CBC

  3. At least 22 more asylum seekers, baby, cross into Manitoba Sunday: CBC

  4.  'Someone is going to slip through': Worry grows over influx of asylum seekers: CBC

  5. Emerson community response 'almost seamless' dealing with 21 asylum-seekers over the weekend, reeve says: CBC

  6. No asylum seekers cross border Sunday: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. Somali community warns asylum seekers not to make journey through Emerson: Winnipeg Free Press

  8. RCMP bracing for more border crossers amid community concerns: CBC

  9. Eight more asylum seekers cross into Emerson: Winnipeg Free Press

  10. 'We don't know what the numbers are going to do': Warmer weather could bring more asylum seekers: CBC

  11. Manitoba premier says security his 1st concern with refugees entering province:CBC


  1. 'Amazing dog lovers' come together to offer vet services for First Nations dogs: CBC

  2.  Non-profit group hopes to grow composting pilot project across city: Winnipeg Free Press

  3.  Council must get the ball rolling on organic recyclingWinnipeg Free Press

  4. Organic waste plans thrown out: Winnipeg Free Press


  1. 'These women are loved': Winnipeg March remembers missing and murdered Indigenous women": CBC

  2.  Vigil to remember Cooper Nemeth 1 year after disappearance: CBC

  3. Manitoba night hunter defends tradition handed down through generations: APTN

  4. Manitoba fight over spotlighting a non-starter a province over in Saskatchewan:APTN

  5. Indigenous water solutions: 2 steps forward, 1 step back: CBC

  6. TRC reports on residential schools posted online: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. No details on fate of two-thirds of First Nations schools: Winnipeg Free Press


  1. 'Kill her and be done with it': MP behind anti-Islamophobia motion reads out hate mail: CBC

  2. Parents plead for help on missing woman's 22nd birthday: CBC

  3. Sandy Bay chief at loss for words after years-long delay in lawyer criminal investigation: CBC

  4. First Nation chief calls for charges against lawyer who overcharged residential school survivors: CBC

  5. Residential school survivors reimbursed for high legal feesWinnipeg Free Press

  6.  Get out, run, run': Gun scare chases crowd from Winnipeg hockey arena:CBCWinnipeg Free Press, APTN

  7. Assault-spree accused vowed to 'behave': Winnipeg Free Press

  8.  Retired soldier charged with sex assault at CFB Shilo: Winnipeg Free Press

  9. Man charged in murder had 'a very scary streak': former partner: CBC

  10. Mother of Tim McLean says Vince Li's absolute discharge is 'a great injustice': CBC

  11. 'I see him when I close my eyes' says father of 20-year-old who died in police custody: CBC

  12. Second suspect in custody for shots fired in HSC's coffee shopWinnipeg Free Press

  13. Winnipeg mother facing abduction charges to stand trial in the summerWinnipeg Free Press

  14. Winnipeg man arrested after 3 bank robberies: CBC

  15. DNA results were 'unreliable and flawed,' expert at Candace Derksen retrial says: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  16. Top DNA expert has 'no confidence' in DNA results linking accused killer to Candace Derksen's murder: CBC

  17. Grant's defence hammers away at DNA evidenceWinnipeg Free Press

  18. Man dies while in police custody, IIU investigating: Winnipeg Free Press

  19. Court of Appeal reviewing 30-year-old murder conviction: CBC

  20. Men wanted for late-night Starbucks hospital shooting arrested: CBC

A Winnipeg Transit Driver Was Murdered 

  1. Bus driver dies after stabbing at University of Manitoba: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  2. Murder suspect in bus driver's death has long criminal recordWinnipeg Free Press

  3. Transit safety a longtime concern and drivers want actionWinnipeg Free Press

  4. Police source describes what's believed to have happened before bus driver killing: Winnipeg Free Press

  5. Rally for slain bus driver demands protection from 'heinous attacks': CBC

  6. 'Enough is enough': Winnipeg Transit operator says more safety training needed: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  7. Colleague remembers slain Winnipeg Transit driver as 'my Superman': CBC

  8. Bus drivers fear for safety after deadly Winnipeg Transit attack: CBC

  9. A silent late-night ride on a bus to madness: Winnipeg Free Press

  10. Man charged with murder in attack on Winnipeg Transit driver: CBC

  11. Winnipeg Transit drivers raising funds after colleague killed in on-the-job attack: CBC

  12. Are shields the answer? Fatal stabbing has bus drivers calling for safety barriers: CBC

  13. 'It could have been me,' Winnipeg bus driver says after colleague's death: CBC


  1. 5 things to know about the Commons motion on Islamophobia: CBC

  2. Letter calling for removal from police board shouldn't have gone public right away, Browaty says: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  3. Mayor's cabinet calls for public inquiry in wake of Winnipeg police HQ 'secret commission': CBC

  4. Councillors question push for inquiryWinnipeg Free Press

  5. Province noncommittal on factor of cost for corruption inquiry: Winnipeg Free Press

  6.  'Why did we buy this place?': Condo owners want developer to fix problems in new build: CBC

  7. Child benefit shows Manitoba's income divideWinnipeg Free Press

  8. Rookie senator questions language used by Manitoba colleague: Winnipeg Free Press

  9. Axworthy promoted to highest level of Order of CanadaWinnipeg Free Press

  10. Political primer: How much do the Canadian and U.S. systems differ?: Winnipeg Free Press

  11. Pallister's deep cuts will shock economy, academics warn: Winnipeg Free Press

  12. Mayor Bowman drafts request for public inquiry into police headquarters project: Winnipeg Free Press


  1. Winnipeg's Ethiopian community honoured with new achievement awards: CBC

  2. Louis Riel Day festivities saved by Metis Federation, St. Boniface Museum partnership: CBC

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