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Winnipeg Human Rights News: April 30th-May 6th, 2017

In this week’s headlines, we have all the coverage on the Police shooting in the Winnipeg skywalk, a new toy and yellow bench both promote mental health, updates on the night hunting debate, and more! 

Poverty & Community Outreach


  1. From dance to daycare to diversity, 3 Women of Distinction nominees make a difference for youth: CBC

  2. Group of eight honoured at 41st Women of Distinction Awards: Winnipeg Free Press

  3. Free Press's Martin named Canada's best columnistWinnipeg Free Press


  1. 'There is lots of violence': North End mom not surprised by high absenteeism rates at schools: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  2. 'The country has become an enemy to itself': Winnipeggers step up to help famine-gripped South SudanCBC

Events & Initiatives

  1. An Alzheimer's murder mystery: Winnipeg theatre company explores issues impacting seniors: CBC

  2. North Korean group's visit to Winnipeg a step toward mutual understanding, says MCC: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  3. Join the discussion: Top CBC journalists coming to Winnipeg to discuss balance in news: CBC

  4. 'Making my son's world better again': Students replace lost headphones for classmate with autism: CBC

  5. 'I felt that sense of freedom': Special trikes give mobility-challenged a ride outside:CBC

  6. Read by Queens: Drag queen storytime comes to Winnipeg libraries: CBC

  7. May Day 2017: Winnipeggers march, rally at legislature in support of workersCBC

  8. Ignite your spirit at Manito Ahbee: CBC

  9. Summer Games hit volunteer target but there's room for more: Winnipeg Free Press

  10. Running for those who will followWinnipeg Free Press

  11. U of M gets $10 million in seed money to grow Manitoba leadersWinnipeg Free Press

  12. We Day returning to Winnipeg in October: Winnipeg Free Press

  13. CMHR hosts conference on HolodomorWinnipeg Free Press

  14. Body confidence week being proposed for Winnipeg School Division: Winnipeg Free Press

Gender & Sexuality

  1. Canadian passport will have new marker for transgender travellers, justice minister says: CBC

  2. Brandon School Division looking at student's recommendations to make schools more LGBT inclusive: CBC

  3. Reaction to Leah McLaren column shows education still needed around breastfeeding: CBC

  4. Unclear if police will march in Pride parade: Winnipeg Free Press

  5. Ex-editor explores history of protecting 'runaway wives': Winnipeg Free Press

Refugees & Race

Manitoba Border Crossings

  1. First asylum seekers housed in Gretna seniors' residence: CBC

  2. Tempers flare in Manitoba border town after Conservative MPs visit: CBC

  3. Grunthal, Man., residents set up 24-hour 'refugee camp' to raise money for Syrian family: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  4. 'It got pretty hostile': Manitoba Housing tells Gretna it will host reception centre for asylum seekers: CBC

  5. Manitoba premier defends Gretna reception centre for asylum seekers: CBC

  6. Conservatives want Trudeau to go to Manitoba border to see crossings first hand: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. Shelter will open for refugee claimants, catching Gretna off guardWinnipeg Free Press

  8. Town of Gretna warms to idea of sheltering asylum seekers: Winnipeg Free Press


  1. Canada at 150: Is common decency the new bar for national pride?: CBC

  2. 'Revolutionary' changes to LGBT refugee claims ensures 'sexuality is not put on trial': CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  3. Canada to raise age for dependants allowed into country: Winnipeg Free Press

Other News

  1. 'It's not safe for people of colour': Manitoban living in U.S. plans to return to Winnipeg: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  2. 'Have hope': Gay Egyptian wins refugee status, has advice for other LGBT claimants: CBC

  3. 'Die or freedom': Restaurateur, former refugee donates proceeds to charity on anniversary of safe arrival: CBC

  4. Former white supremacist has tips for talking to refugee 'haters': CBC

  5. 'It means a lot to me' says Syrian refugee after donations pour in to help save mother's life: CBC

  6. Syrian refugees look to share their culture as part of Asian Heritage Month: Winnipeg Free Press



  1. Winnipeg councillors amped up enough to look into building electric car charging stations: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Bridge a 'game changer' for Winnipeg cyclists, city councillor says: CBC

  3. City launches first step en route to eastern transit corridorWinnipeg Free Press

Other News

  1. Look, overhead: New signs will warn of mosquito larvae-killing choppers: CBC

  2. Lyme group expects bad tick year in Manitoba: CBC

  3. Backyard beekeeping under consideration: Winnipeg Free Press


'We're so far behind': Canada unprepared for housing needs of rising senior population: CBC

  1. Fidget spinner twirling off Manitoba shelves as the newest hit toy: CBC

  2. Yellow bench invites friendship, mental health help at Grant Park High School: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  3. Mumps outbreak 'not gone yet' but rate of new cases slowing down: Manitoba Health: CBC

  4. From space mice to artificial intelligence: Winnipeg scientist, entrepreneur is breaking new ground: CBC

  5. Demonstrators demand Tories keep open Misericordia urgent care centreWinnipeg Free Press

  6. Education minister looks at expanding midwife programsWinnipeg Free Press


  1. Puppet gives Manitoba First Nation kids a hand at learning Dakota language: CBC

  2. No Cree translators: Winnipeg MP tackles Indigenous issues in the House of Commons: CBC

  3. 'Who's going to help them now?': Manitoba cutting airfare subsidy for escorts of northern patients: CBC

  4. Student-on-student abuse in residential schools an 'unspoken truth,' says Senator Murray Sinclair: CBC

  5. Members of Winnipeg's Two Spirited Community Planning Pow Wow: APTN National 

 Night Hunting

  1. Night hunting confession forged, allege Indigenous groups: CBC

  2. Manitoba Indigenous Leaders Night Hunting Press Conference: APTN National

  3. Chartrand claims Metis men framed in night-hunting case: Winnipeg Free Press

  4. Manitoba Metis Federation wants investigation into night hunting charges: Winnipeg Free Press


In the Courts

  1. 23-year sentence for 2 'brutal' sexual assaults in Winnipeg: CBC, APTN National,Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Crown drops murder charges against two teens in beating death trial: Winnipeg Free Press

  3. Former youth worker accused of sex abuse, brainwashing of teen: Winnipeg Free Press

 Shooting by Police in Winnipeg Skywalk

  1. Police officer shoots man in downtown skywalk: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  2. Man shot by police in Winnipeg skywalk charged with assault, weapon possession: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  3. Armed man shot by Winnipeg police 'couldn't hurt a fly if he tried,' says uncle: CBC

  4. 'It was utter chaos': Witnesses describe moments before police shot man: CBC

  5. A shock to the system: Winnipeg Free Press

  6. Family denied access to shooting victim: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. Winnipeg Police tight-lipped on details of shooting but union confident it was justifiedWinnipeg Free Press

  8. Downtown BIZ to increase patrols in Winnipeg skywalks in wake of shooting:CBC

Youth Attack Near High School

  1. Adult, three youths sent to hospital, high school locked down after lunch-hour attackWinnipeg Free Press

  2. Youth charged following attack near high school: Winnipeg Free Press

Other News

  1. 1st creep catcher case reported in Manitoba, RCMP say: CBC

  2. RCMP officer arrested for assault of Manitoba man in custody: CBC

  3. Witness who taped arrest calls out 'extreme violence,' but use-of-force expert says officers did nothing wrong: CBC

  4. Winnipeg cops resolve 99.6 per cent of calls without force, chief says in report: Winnipeg Free Press

  5. 'It is a sad situation': New home warranty not enough to cover condo repairs: CBC

  6. Winnipeg's contentious growth fees kick in amid court challenge: CBCWinnipeg Free Press

  7. Tough calls in split seconds: Winnipeg Free Press

  8. Violent crime, vehicle pursuits are up: police chief: Winnipeg Free Press

  9. Woman's arm broken in Beausejour RCMP arrest, IIU investigating: Winnipeg Free Press

  10. Vigil held for Errol Greene a year after his Remand Centre death: Winnipeg Free Press

  11. Untreated sex offender expected to live in Winnipeg: Winnipeg Free Press

  12. High-risk sex offender re-arrested after one day of freedom:  Winnipeg Free Press


  1. Manitoba Hydro wants to raise rates 46% in 5 years: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

  2. Former cabinet minister writes about revolt that almost toppled a premier: CBC

  3. Not for your convenience: Winnipeg cracks down on no-parking scofflawsCBCWinnipeg Free Press

  4. NDP campaign to save ERs hits snag after someone hijacks site: CBC

  5. Wab Kinew endorsed by fellow MLA: CBC

  6. Asper's first police board meeting controversy-free: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. Manitoba sheds jobs but unemployment downWinnipeg Free Press

  8. Kinew promises $15 minimum wage by 2024: Winnipeg Free Press

  9. Budget cuts shut out cops from conferenceWinnipeg Free Press

Public-Private Partnerships

  1. Public-private partnerships in other provinces offer lessons for Manitoba about what not to do: CBC

  2. Province building four new schools with public-private partnerships: Winnipeg Free Press

  3. New schools in Winnipeg, Brandon could be built using public-private model: CBCUniversities & Cuts

  4. U of W blames province for cuts to faculty, sports teams: CBC

  5. U of W makes $3.7 million in cuts to balance budget: Winnipeg Free Press

  6. Province ordered U of M to get wage freeze... or else, labour board told: Winnipeg Free Press

  7. Labour Board hearing UMFA allegations of unfair labour practiceWinnipeg Free Press, CBC

  8. Budget freeze leaves schools in the cold: Winnipeg Free Press

  9. Tories embarrassed by U of M: official: Winnipeg Free Press


  1. Franco-Manitoban claims charter violation after RCMP officer unable to speak French: CBC, Winnipeg Free Press

Disability & Accessibility

  1. Up-and-down saga nears end as 1 elevator repaired in 12-storey Winnipeg condo: CBC

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