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War Child Canada: Make ________, Not War

Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) Regional Representatives for War Child Canada, I am looking forward to spreading the news about War Child Canada’s work (and newest campaign) in and around Winnipeg! War Child Canada’s mission is to help children in war-affected communities reclaim their childhood through access to education, opportunity, and justice. War Child takes an active role in raising public awareness around the impact of war on communities and the shared responsibility to act. Learn more at

Meet the New Reps…Stephanie has a Masters in Anthropology & International Development Studies, where her research centered on reintegration efforts for former child soldiers in northern Uganda, and she’s interested in children’s rights, peacebuilding, post-conflict development and art for social change. She works with the Winnipeg Holistic Expressive Arts Therapy (WHEAT) Institute and interns with Young Peacebuilders, an NGO that works to empower young people to wage peace in their communities around the world. Jovelle is a recent university graduate of the Consular and Diplomatic Affairs program under the School of Diplomacy and Governance and is now at the University of Winnipeg studying International Development Studies. She has been involved in local and international Model United Nations conferences, which made her more passionate about the welfare of women and children, sustainable development, and inclusive peacebuilding. Joy works at the International Institute for Sustainable Development. Her background is in the management of development projects that focus on poverty reduction in developing countries in Asia.

What has War Child Canada Been Up to in 2018? Education Cannot Wait, a global fund that works to deliver education in conflict and crisis settings, recently announced three winning ideas that use new technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking to mobilize funds in support of education for children living in crisis-affected areas. The Resource Mobilization Challenge awarded these three winning ideas a prize of $25,000.00 USD. War Child Canada’s 1-in-9 Fund was one of the top three. The 1-in-9 Fund establishes a publicly traded investment fund which will direct a share of the fund’s management fees to support children and youth affected by conflict and crisis. It is appropriately named for the 1 in 9 children living in a war-affected country. Learn more here. GHR Foundation, an organization that works with partners around the world to create change in the areas of global development, education and health, announced War Child Canada’s project Investing in Young Peacebuilding Entrepreneurs in South Sudan via Cash Transfers and Start-Up Grants as a 2018 Bridgebuilder Challenge top idea. This project will receive $260,026.00 to help promote peace and collaboration among small groups of multi-ethnic youth in Malakal, South Sudan through income generation, savings and market participation. Youth will be united through peace education workshops and will work together to assess local market opportunities and initiate group businesses and community savings groups. They will also receive small business start-up grants and cash transfers to assist in meeting basic household needs. Check out GHR Foundation’s announcement video.

War Child Canada: Make ____ Not War We are excited to share War Child Canada’s new campaign, where you can support War Child, and their efforts to protect children affected by war, by doing what you love! “Make ___ Not War” is a platform for anyone to support War Child through their creative idea or activity. -Make something. -Share it with friends and family. -Ask that they support you, by supporting War Child. Visit our website for all the tools you need to make your fundraising event a success. This campaign is based on the simple idea that you can do what you love and make a difference. You can get as creative as you want … make food, art, music, games … you name it, you can do it! You are encouraged to create a personal fundraising page or direct supporters directly to War Child. There are also other ways to support War Child that don’t involve asking for donations – awareness, activism, expression. This may include signing up for the eNewsletter, following and engaging with War Child on social media, or donating Aeroplan Miles. There are lots of great tips for social media broadcasting and free downloads to create your own materials. So, what are you waiting for? What will you make? Be sure to tag War Child Canada if you are posting on social media (@WarChildCan on Twitter and Instagram) and let the world know that Winnipeggers are dedicated to helping protect children affected by war. As Regional Representatives, we look forward to sharing this campaign, and further information about War Child, with the local community. Watch for our involvement in future MCIC events, and if you are interested in learning more (or possibly working with us!), you are welcome to reach out to Stephanie at

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