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Rehman Abdulrehma: How Holidays Shape and Define Culture

Ever wonder why we celebrate holidays and what they mean to our culture? Holidays serve as a reflection of a society’s shared values, historical milestones, and unique tradition. Holidays offer key insights into cultural identities, showcasing and celebrating how diverse the world is.

But are we, in Winnipeg, in Manitoba reflecting just how diverse and therefore inclusive our holidays are?

Dr. Rehman Abdulreham thinks we need to add a number of more dates to the holiday calendar. Dr. Abdulreham, is a clinical psychologist with the Clinic Psychology Manitoba and founder of Lead with Diversity. In our conversation Dr. Abdulreham recalls that Winnipeg has been dubbed one of the most racist cities in Canada, and the goal is to make Winnipeg one of the most inclusive. He goes on to say that if we truly celebrate peoples differences and acknowledge where they come form and their holidays, they will feel a sense of belonging.

Dr. Abdulreham has just written a book titled, Developing Anti-Racist Cultural Competence.


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