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Laura Brandon: Ribbon Skirts - From Controversy to Celebration

Laura Brandon is a band member of Waywayseecappo First Nation, she has three adult children and is a grandmother. Laura Brandon wants to know that when it comes to discussing the ribbon skirt, she speaks only for herself. The good news is that Laura Brandon generously shares her personal views on the history, the importance, the celebration, and the learning that comes from the making and the wearing of the Ribbon Skirt.

When 10 year old Isabelle Kulak drew international attention when she wore a ribbon skirt to a school formal event and was sent home because the school authorities said “the skirt did not match her shirt”. And part of that international attention was Manitoba Senator Mary Jane McCallum presenting a bill to parliament that would declare every January 4th as National Ribbon Skirt Day. In this episode, Laura talks about her personal journey as it relates to the wearing of a ribbon skirt. She shares what the colours mean and how they are interpreted.

Through the conversation Laura’s passion for the important role that the ribbon skirt can play when it comes to reconciliation is both refreshing and educational.


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