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Kate Sinclaire: Adult Film Maker; Human Rights Advocate

Adult Film Maker; Human Rights Advocate Kate Sinclaire has been making body- and sex-positive adult film and photography in Winnipeg since 2008.

Her kind presence and dedication to showcasing people for who they are has changed the lives of countless people that have either collaborated with her or simply have been able to enjoy her work.

Kate not only creates art that inspires and empowers, but also bridges the gap between those that think pornography is inherently negative and those that feel it is a positive part of adult sexuality — speaking on porn literacy, performer safety, sex worker rights, and more.

Her philanthropic site,, has financially supported numerous shelters, drop in programs, individuals, and community groups right here in Winnipeg.

Kate’s films, as Ciné Sinclaire, have a dedication to representation of a myriad of body types, interests, sexualities, and narratives. Her future only brings more opportunity for education and dialogue and she focuses on filmmaking and community education.


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