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Daniel Boucher: Canada - Are we Truly a Bilingual Country?

More than 50 years after passing the passing of the Official Languages Act, 1969, Canada’s official languages face new challenges. Despite a 50 percent increase in bilingualism since 1969 and a record number of youth who are studying French as a second language, the growth rate of Canada’s official-language minority communities is slower than overall population growth.

Fact. There are one million Francophones outside of Quebec. The French language remains in a vulnerable position nationally and provincially. Remember in 1976 when Georges Forest received a parking ticket written in English only in the Francophone community of St. Boniface? And the Supreme Court of Canada desion? Daniel Boucher, the executive director of the Société de la francophone manitobaine (SFM) certainly does. Daniel Boucher has been leading French rights in Manitoba for the past four decades. Interesting to note that during those four decades he has outdistanced seven Manitoba premiers and six Canadian prime ministers. Boucher will be stepping on August 30, 2024. His legacy will live on for many decades to come.Some of the major advancements under Daniel Boucher’s leadership:

  • The rights of linguistic minorities to control their own education.

  • The Charlottetown Accord, bilingual licence plates to name but a few Services:

  • The City of Winnipeg, a bilingual Winnipeg logo and tagline

  • Welcoming Francophones from Europe and Africa lead to the creation of Accueil francophone

  • Economy: Creation of SFM’s Réseau Communautaire, involved in the Association of Bilingual Municipalities in Manitoba and CDEM

Daniel Boucher was a collaborator with a strong unifying spirit. For those and many other characters of passion and strength, Daniel Boucher has made Manitoba a more inclusive a more bilingual and therefore a most relevant province for all Manitobans. Félicitations pour le travail bien fait!!


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