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Chef Rob on Food: Entertain, Educate, Engage

During the celebration of Black History Month, Chef Rob Thomas talks about how he plans to create a special dinner to celebrate how Black culture has influenced the food we eat. To further promote and celebrate Black History Month Chef Rob is doing a livestream on Thursday February 22 to demonstrate one of his signature dishes. In addition to the livestream, the chef is preparing a special menu for a Winnipeg Jets hockey game as the Jets celebrate Black History Month. Go Jets Go!According to Chef Rob, being a chef is akin to being a mad scientist. He explains that while you are always trying to make the last meal your best, you are already planning on how you can make improvements to the next culinary creation.When Chef Rob was asked about the relationship between importance of celebrating Black History and the preparation of food, the one take away that Chef Rob would like those that participate in his live stream show or participate in person is “I would love for the participants to take away that there is so much more to the cuisine than just what’s being shown to them. I’m not expecting someone to become a great historian on Caribbean food but take some of that knowledge that you you’ve learned and then just dig a tiny bit deeper just to further your knowledge and history a little.”You can get Chef Rob’s recipes to some of his signature dishes through the Home Trends magazine ( and on his active social channels listed below. chefrobthomas


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