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Calling All Volunteers: Join Our Team!

Are you looking to gain experience in the human rights sector?

Are you passionate about human rights?

If so, consider joining our team! This fall, we're looking for a group of volunteers to join our team and help us expand and improve the work we're doing. With nearly two years under our belt now (our birthday's next month!), we've had a bit of time to reflect on our original vision and the services we provide. From the get go, our goal has been to raise awareness about the many events and initiatives that are happening in Winnipeg on a daily basis. We've encountered a small problem, although we must say it's an exciting problem to have: we still don't believe we're adequately capturing everything that's going on in Winnipeg! And that's where you come in. We're presently looking for volunteers for four different positions!



Calendar Manager

Outreach Coordinator

our master list of organizations and were astounded by just how many groups are working in Winnipeg. We want to strengthen our relationship with these groups and make sure that we're doing all we can to promote all that they're doing! I'll work with the Outreach Coordinator to identify ways to foster these connections. This position likely requires around 5-10 hours/week, depending on the coordinator's availability and initiative! We're hoping to receive applications from a diverse body that reflects Winnipeg's diversity. Please help us spread the word by letting others know about these opportunities! While these are unpaid positions, we hope that they will provide valuable opportunities for students, young professionals, or other interested candidates to gain relevant working experience in the human rights sector. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email at We can't wait to hear from you!


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