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Calling All Students... Global College Awards!

Marsha Hanen Global Dialogue and Ethics Award This first award is actually for University of Winnipeg faculty, but encourages student participation! Encouraging a faculty member to apply (and include you in the project) could get you in their good books before the term even begins! Read more here.

Norman J. and Gwen Axworthy Bursary Fund The Peace Education Fund, established by President Lloyd Axworthy in honour of his parents, is dedicated to the support of refugees and war-affected persons. Read more here.

Global College Bursary This fund supports students enrolled in a Global College program (HR or the MA in PACS), based on financial need. The amount of the bursary varies from year to year. Read more here.

Dr. Douglas W. Leatherdale Global Citizen Internship Program Internships are designed to support students who wish to augment their degree programs with credits obtained through international study or practica in any of the areas represented by the Institutes of the Global College. Internships are available to University of Winnipeg students wishing to go abroad and to international students wishing to pursue their studies at The University of Winnipeg. Read more here. Happy applying! :)


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